Media Archives

We've accumulated quite a bit of ephemera since 1984, and we strive to preserve and present as much of it as possible in these galleries. If you've taken part in our events or projects and happen to have anything you wish to contribute to these archives, we would love to hear from you.

kids fishing derby

student awards & scholarships

supporting our community

Recipients of a grant pose with a check
Two children dressed in Doctor Seuss costumes with eight men and women standing behind them under an Exchange Club banner with Christmas decorations in the background
A female and a male Exchange Club member holding a check made out to the YMCA
Two women standing on either side of an Exchange Club presenter holding a large ceremonial check made out to the YMCA in the amount of three hundred dollars
YMCA is presented a check
Grantees pose being presented with a check

saluting our military

Richmond Hill Veterans Memorial is pictured
A senior man wearing an American flag themed shirt reading to a crowd with the Richmond Hill Veterans Monument in the background
Mr. James Wright in his wheelchair holding the framed military service appreciation he was presented with earlier
Veterans memorial bricks are show up close
A diverse audience standing at an outdoor veterans memorial ceremony
Two vets walk a path lined with American flags
Senior men enjoying a meal together at a community center
Military families posing at an outdoor veterans ceremony
A mother and three children looking at memorial military bricks honoring individual veterans
Two men with Mr. James Wright holding a framed Exchange Club certificate and bank check acknowledging his service as a Tuskegee Airman.
A group of adults, some in military uniforms, attending an outdoor ceremony
A man presents an older veteran with a framed Exchange Club acknowledgment in recognition of his military service

meetings and speakers

Seven men and women seated at a round banquet table talking
An older man in a military uniform decorated with badges and medals standing while talking to two fellow veterans
Elderly veteran standing in front of a PowerPoint screen entitled The Spell of Duty
Two men conversing at the Exchange Club podium
Three elderly veteran gentlemen conversing at a banquet table
An elderly man walking away from a podium sporting a blue jacket and red patterned tie
Five men and women conversing while seated at a round banquet table
An elderly man in a green windbreaker talking to w women sitting at a banquet table
Fiver elderly men, one in a military uniform, posing in front of the Exchange Club banner
A man in a suit and tie speaking the the Exchange Club podium
An elderly man wearing a white dress shirt, black suspenders, and a blue tie making is way from the podium back to his seat
A woman and three men standing in a library listening to a man in a blazer reading from a clipboard
A woman at the Exchange Club podium with one woman and five men standing beside her
A group of six men and women seated at a round banquet table
Two men shaking hands at a podium

freedom shrine

Students looking at a wall of framed documents
A gentleman speaker reading information to a group of people seated at round tables
The Freedom Shrine is presented to an audience
Students admire the Freedom Shrine
A girl and boy wearing school backpack while looking at a wall of framed documents


A smiling man in a jacket and tie holding a framed certificate of recognition with two gentlemen standing on either side of him
A young woman and an older gentleman are seated at a round banquet table dining from a buffet
Exchange Club Service Award banners
A woman and three men holding Exchange Club plaques in recognition of their safety efforts
Child being presented with a gold colored fishing trophy

fundraising events

Chili cook-off crowd mills about
Two men outside sitting in folding chairs, one in a white chef's uniform and the other sporting an Exchange Club cap
People standing in line waiting to be served from a barbecue barrel cooker
Man tending to a barrel cooker with smoke billowing out of it
Four older men sitting on folding chairs under a tent
A woman and two men tending to hamburger patties on the barrel cooker grills
Three Exchange Club members tending to two large aluminum pots on a propane cooker
One man stirring a large aluminum pot with a long wooden paddle while the other adds ingredients
Participants have a good time at the chili cookoff
Two men and child enjoying refreshments at a golf event
Man and women conversing behind a condiment table under a pavilion
Lions Club members serving hot dogs outdoors
Man tending to hotdogs on a barrel cooker grill
A woman and two men wearing food safety gloves serving hot dogs
Man holding a bottle of hot sauce as he stirs a large cast iron pot on a propane cooker
Two men wearing Exchange Club T-shirts at a food stall
Two men in Exchange Club T-shirts taking a break from serving diners
Two men in folding camping chairs conversing
Three smiling people under a pavilion preparing to fry fish
A crowd milling around at an outdoor July fourth event
Man wearing a patriotic T-shirt serving a female service member nachos
A woman in a pink New Orleans cap is preparing hot dogs while two men take food orders from customers
Outdoor event attendees by the hot dog tent
An older gentleman stirring a large aluminum pot with a big wooden paddle
A man and woman behind a food and beverage counter
A woman and two men tending to a food stall
Community members with children at the Pinwheel Garden
Six men behind a table with a digital scale
Two men attending a barrel smoker outdoors
Four male Lions Club members standing under a food tent
Two men taking a break with the barrel grill in the background
A large crowd of outdoor event attendees
Two men wearing blue Exchange Club T-shirts seated while one stirs a large cast iron pot with a wooden spoon
Three men in Exchange Club T-shirts tending to a large aluminum pot of food
A woman and man in folding camping chairs tending to a large aluminum pot
Five men holding lawn and garden tools standing outside
Senior man sitting on a live bull that is tethered to railing
A man wearing a patriotic T-shirt is serving a younger man food from a crockpot
Two men posing in front of a white pickup truck loaded with folding chairs
Two men enjoying cans of beer under a food vendor tent
People manning hamburgers cooking on two barrel grills
A smiling man and woman dishing up food from large aluminum pan trays
A woman and two men in Exchange Club shirts sitting in folding chairs while taking turns stirring a large cast iron pot
Smiling women and men behind a beverage counter
Four men under a food tent laughing it up with the Ronald McDonald House clown mascot


We meet from noon–1PM on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at the Richmond Hill City Center. Visitors and prospective new members are always welcome.

Membership is a great way to get involved in making Bryan County a better place to live, stay up to date on current area events, network with others of similar interests, and develop your own leadership skills.

Help us make a difference with fundraising, too. Here's just a few things we do:

  • Annual School Calendar
  • Casino Night to Prevent Child Abuse
  • Pinwheel and CAP Pin Sales

Our operating expenses are paid by member dues, so all net proceeds from fundraising events go to support various community projects. Dues are currently $100 per quarter, one of the best bargains available among all civic and service organizations. Learn more about the benefits:

The Value of Exchange Club Membership Informational Flyer (PDF)

Donations & Payments

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