Time Out Teddy

How to Take Time Out to be a Better Parent

The National Exchange Club Foundation has adopted Time Out Teddy as its national spokesbear to carry the message of good parenting across America. Your Exchange Club and Center can help by distributing:

Time Out Teddy brochures, posters and T-shirts to educate both parents and caregivers on a more positive form of discipline.

Time Out Teddy Brochures

The popular Time Out Teddy brochure provides parents with insights on developing positive and effective child-rearing skills.

This attractive, easy-to-read brochure points out in a friendly, informal manner that parenting is not something that just comes naturally— it is something that is learned by all parents.

The brochure outlines the various needs of children for proper development. It gives examples of basic needs such as:

Infant Needs: Food, clothing, shelter, sleep. Infants also need extra warmth, attention, cuddling and eye contact—all given in a consistent, loving manner.

Toddler Needs: A safe place to explore and stimulation of their physical senses through play. They need to be allowed to do some things on their own, and to learn about their bodies. Toddlers need to be read to, so that they can learn to talk.

Preschooler Needs: To be allowed to try new things, as long as they're safe. They need rules that do not keep them from developing their abilities. They also need our approval to express good as well as bad feelings.

Elementary School Student Needs: To know the proper way to do things. They need to be independent and dependent at the same time. Elementary schoolers need to form friendships, and to be like others their own age. They need to test your rules and begin to develop their own opinions.

High School Student Needs: To become independent from parents and accept responsibility for their behavior. They need to develop their own identity and beliefs. High schoolers need parental support and permission to become themselves.

The brochure also explains the concept of discipline, what it is and how positive discipline can be effective through implementing time out with children. Basic rules for taking time out are given as a guide for parents.

The brochure is also available in a Spanish language edition. For information on prices and quantities, see the enclosed order form or contact the National Headquarters Supply Department, 800-924-2643.

Time Out Teddy Posters

Order Time Out Teddy posters from the supply department and put them up where you will be handing out brochures. Donate posters to the local police station and hospitals along with Time Out Teddy bears.

Time Out Teddy T-shirts

Time Out Teddy T-shirts are available in sizes S-3XL. They are made with 100% preshrunk cotton and feature Time Out Teddy and friends, with the slogan, "It Shouldn't Hurt to be a Time Out Teddy Child ... Take Time Out to be a Better Parent." These T-shirts can be used as raffle prizes or donated to a local outreach center. They can also be worn when you are passing out brochures.

How to Share Teddy's Message

  • Order an adequate amount of Time Out Teddy brochures.
  • Plan a project to distribute the materials at all of your community service and fundraising events.
  • Obtain permission to leave or distribute the materials in pediatrician, family practice, and obstetrician offices; local hospital take home packages for new parents; Lamaze classes; children's hospitals or pediatrics floors in general hospitals; day care centers; churches; schools, PTA meetings and public libraries; children's services offices; children's clothing or toy stores; and anywhere else large numbers of parents or prospective parents would frequent.



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